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The Quarries is the Recreation Ministry of Hyde Park Baptist Church

Quarries Sports & Recreation Ministry

Park FAQs

  1. What is the size of the lake?
    13 Acres
  2. What is the deepest part of the lake?
    45 Feet
  3. What types of fish are in the lake?
    Largemouth Bass, Sun Perch, Blue Gill, and a few very large Flat Head Catfish (15 to 45 pounds). Our lake also has a large population of small fresh water jelly fish. They are near transparent and can be seen most every summer.
  4. How was the lake formed?
    From the mid 1950s to the late 1960s, a local limestone company owned the quarry and hauled crushed lime stone from it. The quarry became a lake in the late 1960s when the depth of the operation started going below the level of the local ground water table. There is a spring which flows into the NW corner of the Quarries Lake.
  1. Do you have canoes and kayaks?
    We have 4 canoes. No kayaks.
  2. What is the cost to use the canoes?
    If someone would like to use a Quarries canoe (or make use of the lake for any other purpose), they must purchase a Quarries Lake Permit for $35. The permit is valid for one year from the date of purchase. If they would like to rent a Quarries canoe, the cost is $20 for 2 hours.
  3. Is there a minimum age to rent a canoe?

    Yes. You must be at least 16 years of age, and have a valid TX Driver’s License to rent a Quarries Canoe. 

  4. What ages are allowed to ride in a canoe?
    We do not put a specific age limitation on canoe riders, but require that whoever gets in the canoes be able to enter and exit the craft independently or with the assistance of a companion. You must also have the ability to remain seated and balanced. Persons under 12 must wear a life vest of proper size and fit at all times on the water. In addition, at least one person on-board must have the ability to move the canoe through the water in a stable manner and return it back to the launch area.
  5. Do you provide life vests?
    We provide life vests to those using the Quarries canoes. If you bring your own canoe or kayak, we expect that you will bring your own life vests.
  6. Is there a time limit?
    If you are using a Quarries canoe, we have a 2 hour max per day, per group. There is no time limitation for those that bring their own canoe/kayak.
  7. How many people per canoe?
    Maximum 2 adults, or 2 adults and 1 small child.
  8. What are the earliest and latest times I can make a reservation?
    Reservations can be made for as early as 8am (at staff’s availability). All rented canoes must be returned by sundown or CLC closing (whichever comes first).
  9. How far in advance do I need to make a reservation?
    We require a 24 hour notice be given between the time a reservation is requested and the reservation time. A request can be made at the Front Desk provided we have staff available to accommodate your request. Please do not make a reservation more than 2 days in advance.
  10. If I have already filled out a liability waiver, do I have to fill it out each time I come?
    No. You do not need to fill out a waiver each time you come; however, we must ensure that the waiver on file has not expired.
  11. Where do I go to get the canoe?
    At the time of your reservation, come to the front desk inside the CLC building. The front desk staff will take your payment and check your permit or scan your card. They will then ask for your valid TDL. They will hold this item until check out. At that time, they will return your license and check you out.
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